Health, Well-being, and Positive Living

We help you deal with mental health by offering individualized psychological interventions, diagnoses, and treatment.

An Institute for Kids with a Transitional Kindergarten & Holistic Approach to Childcare

We at UMatter focuses on physical, emotional, psychological, and cognitive development creating a positive association with learning throughout their lives.

Training Students To Become Mental Health Professionals

We are committed to providing Psychological training that facilitates professional growth and competence.

Psychological Intervention, Diagnosis & Research

we understand that psychological health is an essential component of overall well-being. Our team of counselors, psychologists, clinical psychologists and researchers are dedicated to providing the latest in innovative psychological interventions and diagnosis to help individuals and families achieve optimal emotional health. Read More

& Internship

The premier provider of professional training and internship opportunities. Our mission is to help individuals reach their professional and personal goals through a variety of learning experiences. Read More


We are a holistic daycare center dedicated to providing kids with an enriched environment to maintain their well-being. Our goal is to promote health, comfort, and joy through a variety of activities and services.

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Transitional Kindergarten

(Age 6 months - 10 years)

We are dedicated to providing quality transitional kindergarten and holistic daycare services that meet the needs of children and families. Our programs are designed to foster a healthy learning environment, develop positive social and emotional skills, and help children reach their fullest potential.

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Why UMatter

UMatter is conceptualized and transforming overall well-being through psychological intervention. Transitional kindergarten cum daycare with after school facility along with training, an internship, and a research center.

Psychological Intervention & Diagnosis

UMatter has a team of mental health experts providing treatment to people experiencing distress by using a variety of Psychotherapies and counseling techniques. Psychological assessment & diagnosis of all the category are being conducted here.

Transitional Kindergarten & Holistic Daycare center

Umatter focuses on helping the individual grow & reach his/her fullest potential. These services include transitional kindergarten, daycare, and after-school programs. We also take health into consideration when providing care to the elderly, which allows us to monitor their morale.

Vocational Training & Internship

We are helping individuals and organizations to achieve their goals by providing training programs and internships. We aim to provide better skills for a promising future and career growth.

Research & Analysis

Research is key to working smarter and more efficiently. That’s why we’re dedicated to conducting rigorous research that can help point the way for all to enhance their lives in a broader, more holistic way.

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    Our Mission

    A Platform for Holistic Care

    UMatter Transitional Kindergarten & Holistic Daycareb program give kids the opportunity to grow their overall skills before going to elementary school & provide holistic care to children of age groups 6 months to 10 years. The program also focuses on providing care for older adults.

    Empowering Women & Mothers

    UMatter helps women & mothers succeed Professionally by providing employment. We believe every woman deserves to be independent. So, we encourage them to develop their skills in various fields by training them.

    Affordable, Quality Counseling

    UMatter is a network of licensed counselors providing affordable and quality counseling. Our counselors are experienced and professional, with a wide range of areas of expertise, and are ready to help you today.

    Professional Training

    Umatter has a growing team of professional mental health trainers and therapists. We accomplish this by scheduling time to time vocational trainings, internships, workshops, seminars, webinar on various topics and providing an online platform to exchange ideas.

    Our Team/UMatter Professionals

    Meet the professionals that put a team together for your ideas and projects to happen.
    We are looking for motivated people to join our team!

    Limpi Bhuyan

    Limpi Bhuyan

    Mrs Kaberi Baruah

    Mrs Kaberi Baruah

    Clinical Psychologist
    Mr.  Amritananda Saikia

    Mr. Amritananda Saikia

    Consultant Psychologist


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