Psychological Intervention, Diagnosis & Research

Unveiling the Power of Psychological Intervention, Diagnosis, and Research - A Professional Perspective.

The power of psychological interventions, diagnosis, and research is revealed through a professional lens. Through this perspective, it is possible to assess the efficacy of these approaches and investigate strategies to better serve those in need. With such insight, it can be ascertained how to optimize psychological services, policies, and practices to ultimately improve outcomes.

Psychological Intervention

Psychological interventions are a powerful way to help people change their cognition, perception, or behaviour. Here, we provide a range of counselling and therapy services for people of all ages, backgrounds, and needs. Our psychological interventions are designed to promote healing and well-being, and empower individuals to reach their goals and create positive change in their lives.

Counselling & Therapies

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Individual Counselling

Group Counselling

Adolescent Counselling

Parental Counselling

Family Counselling

Couple Counselling

Pre Marital Counselling

Marriage Counselling

Substance De-addiction Counselling

Rehabilitation Counselling

Geriatric Counselling

Career Counselling

Alternative Healing


Art & Expressive Therapy

Lifestyle Modification Training


Mindfulness Practices

Psychological Assessment

Psycho Diagnostic Evaluation

IQ Assessment

Assessment of Learning Disabilities

Assessment of Children’s Problems

ADHD Assessment

Personality Assessment

Therapies for Special Children

Occupational Therapy

Speech & Language Therapy

Art Therapy

Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Therapy

Social Skills Training


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