About Us

About Umatter

With the motto of “Think Better, Work Better, Live Better”, UMatter is conceptualized and transforming overall well-being through psychological intervention – daycare for kids, training, and a research center.

About Umatter

We at “UMatter” believe in the importance of providing holistic development for children and geriatrics, as well as creating a healthy environment for them. We provide therapy and training to help children and adults with disabilities, as well as vocational training for individuals.

We also believe that everyone is valuable, regardless of age or ability. We provide therapy and training to help people with disabilities, including abled people who may be struggling socially or emotionally.

Our vision is that every child and adult experiences a healthy family environment where they can learn, play, and grow without fear of rejection or abuse

Message from the founder

A Unique Daycare Facility catering to Kids and Senior Citizens is envisioned to be set up at Jayanagar, Guwahati. The main idea is to bring together the two vulnerable age groups who need care and love at the utmost level, the senior citizens and the minors. We at “UMatter” also emphasize different vocational pieces of training, internships, counseling, and therapies for all age groups.

- Limpi Bhuyan

Our Team/UMatter Professionals

Amritananda Saikia

Amritananda Saikia

Consultant Psychologist
Experienced psychologist with 7 years of experience, Currently working as a visiting consultant at Wintrobe hospital, formerly worked as a counseling psychologist at Alcare Diagnostic and Research centre. Also an entrepreneur.
Mrs. Kaberi Baruah

Mrs. Kaberi Baruah

Clinical Psychologist Resource person
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