Transitional Kindergarten

Transitional Kindergarten: The Importance Of A Holistic Developmental Program

What is Transitional kindergarten?

Transitional kindergarten is a type of school that children go to when they enter kindergarten. It is meant to help kids adjust from the preschool environment to the more structured environment of the school.

Transitional kindergarten is designed to help children who have special needs or who are at risk of falling behind in their education due to physical, emotional, or learning disabilities. The goal of transitional kindergarten is to give them extra support and services in order for them to be successful in the classroom.

Transitional kindergarten programs may include:

-A team approach between teachers and parents with the goal being that no child will be left behind

-Specialized teaching methods tailored towards each child’s needs

-A focus on social skills such as sharing with classmates, playing cooperatively, taking turns, and following instructions

-A focus on physical development through activities like yoga class.