Holistic Daycare for The Elderly

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Experience Love and Care: Umatter Daycare

At Umatter Daycare, we understand how important it is for kids to feel loved and cared for. Our compassionate and experienced staff provides a safe and nurturing environment, where kids can interact with their peers, build relationships, and experience the love and care they deserve.

How Holistic Daycare Centers Benefit Kids

At “UMatter”, we envision creating a supportive, nurturing environment where elderly individuals can receive services, training, and developmental activities. Our goal is to form a unit that encourages relationships and the growth of various skills necessary for a balanced life in a holistic society. Our daycare provides a variety of services that help to develop the unique skills of each individual, creating an atmosphere of compassion and learning. Through this, we cultivate emotional growth through bonding and healthy interactions, creating a fulfilling and enriching experience.


Why UMatter Holistic Daycare

Our Holistic Daycare for The Elderly provides a comprehensive package
of services and activities to nurture and promote well-being. 

Promote Well-being

Wide Range of Activities

Safe and Secure Environment

Holistic Approach

Guarantee Satisfaction

Our Amenities

Nurture and Well-being activities


Learning with playful and interactive activities

Cognitive and Sensory developmental activities along with physical activities

Yoga Classes


Art Classes

Physiotherapy & Mental Health Counselling

Sleep & Leisure

Nutrition- Proper dining facilities 


Family Counselling

Other recreational activities

Emergency Medical Services

(Both for students & working professionals)

Counselling Psychology

Clinical Psychology

Child Psychology



Social Workers

School Teachers

Psychology Professionals

Psychology Coaching Classes

11th & 12th Classes

BA / BA (Honours) / B.Sc

MA / M.Sc

BA / B.Sc Psychology Entrance

MA / M.Sc Psychology Entrance

M.Phil Clinical Psychology (Entrance prep)

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